Yunnan Arts

Original Oil & Mixed Media Paintings Ceramics 绘画与陶瓷艺术

Fine Art, Oil Paintings, Ceramics, Portraits, Reproductions of Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Paul Cezanne,Paul Gauguin, & More.   Located in Washington D.C. metro area.              

Original Oil Paintings and Mixed Media Paintings by Wen LePore     (油麻菜仔)        Landscape,  Abstract,  Still Life, Portrait, Dog, Cat, Bird & more

Copyright  ©  Yunnan Arts

You can see our work in person at both location below:

Gallery Underground  Cyan Studio 

Location:  2100 Crystal Dr. Arlington VA 22202


Portrait of A Girl

Big Boy

A Long Hair Girl

Debra & Leigh

Deborah Brooks

Maureen R. George

Portrait of Li

Love in Red Square

Michael Lindsay Jr.

John Lindsay

Father & Son I

Mark & Manfrend

The Joy of Light

Father & Son II

Mr. Bracken

A Long Lost Letter

Skip Orem

Len Bracken


Summer Love

The Woods


I Was There

Summer Hydrangea

it's The Time


The Absinthe Drinker

Tea Pot
Red Melody

Tea Pot

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